Mission Statement

Hi, I'm Bobbie, a curvy girl since my first born kiddo in 1986.  He was born here in Boise and since then, I have found it challenging to find a plus size store that I could shop at, that left me feeling happy, secure in my own skin and financially stable.  The cost of curvy clothes are off the charts and found myself being choosy on the clothes I could buy because of fit, not fashion.  I decided to open a store where curvy girls of all ages could shop off the rack, at affordable prices and exchange clothes that were no longer of use to one, but a treasure to another.  Curvy Girl Kate is my daughter, who was born here in Boise in 1989.  After her first boy in 2014, she is also among the curvy girl league of women who love their bodies, embrace their curves and love who they are and love being able to shop to fit her style.


Our mission is to empower plus sized women by providing fashionable clothing at affordable prices in a comfortable shopping setting.  It is important that all women feel valued, proud and happy about their body no matter what shape they are.

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 Bobbie Jo  Howard

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