Curvy Girl Kate’s Intake Information- 

We offer: Consignments & In-Store Credit

Please, no consignments on Saturdays or special event days.

We are CLOSED for intake in JULY of EVERY for transition. 

Want the best Consignment/in store credit experience?  Bring your items in clean wrinkle/odor/smoke/perfume & pet hair free AND ON HANGERS.  We have a hanging station in place for you to switch out hangers. Please check items for tears, missing buttons, loose seams and holes. This means items are ready for our sales floor and can be processed quickly and efficiently to get you earning money on your clothes faster. We do not accept bags or boxes! ​  You can bring them in, but YOU need to hang.

PLEASE NOTE:   A charge of $1 per item will be taken right off the top of the starting price  if ANY cleaning, ironing, de-pilling is necessary to get on the floor.  If the item is too damaged, they will be processed for material at the Youth Ranch. 

What Designers do your clientele look for? Torrid, Catherine’s, Maurices, & Lane Bryant. (all designers welcome of course) 

What season are you taking? 
Fall/Winter- August –December
Spring/Summer- January- June 

Are there any articles you don’t accept?
Scrubs- Panties, Socks, & Business/Office Event Logo Items and dress suits. 

How much do I receive for consignment? 
You will receive a check for 40% of final price.  Please email with any questions.  CGKFASHIONS@GMAIL.COM   

How long are items on the sales floor?

 Items are on the floor for 60 days, then marked for donation or CGK inventory- you are responsible for picking up your items before your expiration date. After the initial email, you will not be contacted again unless you are receiving a check.  (you are always welcome to email and check on the date)
Our donation sites are Astegos, W.C.A, various church sites, Idaho correctional facilities, and many outreach programs throughout Id. 

Curvy Girl Kate’s is happy to be a proud sponsor of  Astegos, City Light, Nampa Justice Center and Boise Family Advocates by donating monthly vouchers for women in need to shop for free.