Welcome to Curvy Girl Kate's fashion blog! This is going to be where we talk about different aspects of curvy fashion! We want to discuss it all, from the best dress to wear for each body shape, to loving yourself and where you are in your journey! We are a safe place! Somewhere to come and be uplifted! We believe that curvy is not just a size, it's an attitude! If you have the attitude or need some help building it up, we are here to help! CGK is not just a place for you to find the fashions that you love at an affordable price, it is a place to come for friendship, a helping hand, and a laugh! No one is unwelcome, we love all bodies, all people, all sizes, all shapes, all personalities! 

Here is a little bit about CGK. The owner, Bobbie Howard, started CGK because she saw a need. There a